Return of Cape May’s Weakfish 2013


Cape May, NJ - There's been a local fishing mystery this year that no one has solved.  Andrew Ewing isn't the … [Read more...]

Are We Losing Higbee Beach?


  Cape May, NJ - If you want to walk on Higbee Beach, you'd best check the tide tables. Hurricane Sandy … [Read more...]

Nor’Easter Slides by Cape May 2012


Cape May, NJ - For the second time in a week,  Cape May dodged a bullet and was spared the wrath of a powerful … [Read more...]

Sandy Getting Stronger


Sandy's still out at sea and yet, even on the lee side of the Cape May peninsula, water levels are rising to … [Read more...]

Waiting for Sandy


Cape May, NJ - Living in Cape May in the fall is a lesson in watchful waiting. We don’t get hurricanes here every … [Read more...]

Cape May’s Record Warm March 2012


Cape May, NJ - It’s history!   The month of  March was the the warmest ever in Cape May.   Temperatures were an … [Read more...]

Bald Eagles Nesting in Cape May 2012

eagle nest

Cape May, NJ - In a tangle of vines and tree limbs, set far away from roads and people,  a pair of bald eagles is … [Read more...]

Red-tail Spring


Cape May, NJ - Another Red-tailed Hawk!  It was my 11th since leaving Cape May and I’d not even made it to Somers … [Read more...]

A Year Without Winter?


Cape May, NJ - When you see a Coastie running on the beach in his shorts on an early February afternoon, … [Read more...]

December 2011 Warm Weather Smashes Records in Cape May


Cape May, NJ  - If Cape May’s weather has seemed warmer than usual in December, the reason is that it has been … [Read more...]