Cape May Gets an Early Start to the 2015 Season


CAPE MAY, NJ -  Easter weekend brought in one sure sign of the season – “OPEN” signs flying in the stiff sea breezes. Even the horses at the Cape May Carriage Company were stepping out for the first time. For some reason, Easter weekend is that line in the sand when the new summer season […]

Easter in Cape May 2015


CAPE MAY, NJ – The jelly beans will be flowing freely on Easter Sunday, April 5th, on Cape May’s Washington Street Mall.  Get ready for yet another Easter Parade, Cape May style. The town calls it the Easter Fashion Stroll. The registration starts at noon. Fashion strollers start walking along the Washington Street Mall  at […]

Cape May Point Snow February 2015


Cape May Point, NJ – The quiet village of Cape May Point took on other worldly peacefulness, blanketed with a half foot of snow Tuesday.  It was the biggest snowfall of the year for the Cape May area. The only other significant storm dumped about two inches of snow in January.  The new snow covered […]

A Windy, Chilly Cape May Valentine’s Weekend 2015


Cape May, NJ -  If  you had a romantic stroll on the beach in mind this Valentine’s weekend,  you forgot to check in with Mother Nature.  Cape May got walloped with 50 mile per hour wind gusts and the coldest temperatures we’ve had all winter. So much for timing. The area got only about an […]

January 21 Snow 2015


Cape May, NJ – It was nice to see some snow again – two inches on January 21. It wasn’t a lot and it didn’t stick around long. But at least it was something. These are the snowfalls we like – a heavy coating on all the cedars and pines and magnolias. Not so much […]

Cape May Baby Parade 2014

Little Pirate

Cape May, NJ – Whether it was Little Miss Sunshine, riding in a wagon full of sunflowers… The cutest little pirate, tucked into his own treasure chest… Or a tiny princess, all in blue, checking out the scene, it was hard to say just who was the cutest baby in Cape May’s annual Baby Parade […]

West Cape May Farmers Market 2014


West Cape May, NJ -  Amazing how just a few baskets of beans can signal a shift in the season. It’s summertime. And the West Cape May Farmer’s market is back. Opening day brought out all of those eager for some fresh produce or for an easy dinner. The market is open every Tuesday afternoon […]

Cape May’s Record Breaking March Snow 2014


Cape May, NJ – March 2014 is now the undisputed champion, holding title to the snowiest March on record in Cape May. After yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day snowfall, Cape May has a total of 12 and a half inches of snow for the month, more than any other March on record. Yesterday’s  snowfall also set […]

Cape May March Snow 2014


Cape May, NJ -  March definitely came in like a lion this year, a snowy, icy lion.  Cape May’s roughly four inches of snow did not set any new records, but it was enough to shut down the town for the day. We were expecting much more snow – as much as 8 to 12 […]

Cool Cape May Turns Cold in January 2014


Cape May, NJ – If you thought it was colder than usual in January, you were right. The final temperatures for the month are in. Cape May’s average temperature in January was a measly 30.5 degrees, a whopping five degrees lower than usual. If you want to feel even chillier, consider this: according to the […]