Cape May Summer Garden in Bloom 2014


Cape May, NJ -  Looking at our late July garden, you'd never know that this past June was the driest June in 20 … [Read more...]

Native Oakleaf Hydrangeas


Cape May, NJ -   Our oakleaf hydrangeas hypnotize me each June.  Huge cones of white flowers more than a foot … [Read more...]

Where to Plant Daffodils


Cape May, NJ - This year's spring crop of pretty yellow daffodils makes you want a few for your house.  Sounds … [Read more...]

A Hummingbird in November


Cape May, NJ - It's November and even though much of our Cape May garden is finally starting to wither,  the red … [Read more...]

Beautyberries in Our Cape May Garden


Cape May, NJ - My sister can walk right by a bed of beautiful, summer blooming perennials without a nod.  For … [Read more...]

Autumn Tomatoes and Tomato Jam


Cape May, NJ - It's been an odd growing year. Garden Partner's favorite Fourth of July and Early Girl … [Read more...]

Cape May Monarchs: Watching and Waiting


Cape May, NJ - Were we seeing double? Two monarchs, side by side, were fueling up at our garden zinnias Friday.  … [Read more...]

Taste of Summer – Jersey Tomatoes


Cape May, NJ - For a couple of weeks every August, we eat tomatoes. Lots of them.  One day, they're hard and … [Read more...]

Early Daffodils 2013


Cape May, NJ -  Early daffodils are beginning to bloom and they're lighting up Cape May area streets and … [Read more...]

Butterflies in the Garden


Cape May - Garlic chives. How could a plant with a name like that prove irresistible to swarms of Painted … [Read more...]