Life in Cape May

A column about Cape May, NJ through the eyes of a year round resident.

Cape May Salts – or Where do your Oysters Come from?


CAPE MAY, NJ – It’s a sunny afternoon on a shallow stretch of tidal mud flats along the Delaware Bayshore at low tide. Workers have only four hours before the tide comes rushing back in to do their job – tending to the rows and rows of Cape May Salts oysters growing slowly in metal […]

Cape May Gets an Early Start to the 2015 Season


CAPE MAY, NJ -  Easter weekend brought in one sure sign of the season – “OPEN” signs flying in the stiff sea breezes. Even the horses at the Cape May Carriage Company were stepping out for the first time. For some reason, Easter weekend is that line in the sand when the new summer season […]

Record Breaking Cold in Cape May in February 2015


North Cape May, NJ – After relatively normal temperatures in December and January, who would have predicted that Cape May would get socked by record cold temperatures in February? On the day after Valentine’s Day, it was nearly 20 degrees colder than normal in Cape May.  And we set two new records: a new maximum […]

The Grass is Always Greener in Cape May


Cape May, NJ – With the passing of the latest snow storm and half of winter behind us, Cape May still has green grass! While some lawns have browned out for the winter, green patches can still be found along roadsides, near houses, and in protected areas. Even those small areas that are now covered […]

West Cape May Farmer’s Market August Bounty 2014


Cape May, NJ -  August in Cape May is prime time for Jersey tomatoes and peaches and all that other good local stuff.  But you have to get to the West Cape May Farmer’s Market early if you want to score some Brandywines and Yellow Boys.  Business is booming at the Tuesday afternoon market this […]

A Friday Morning in June in Cape May


Cape May, NJ -   There’s a cool breeze, a bright sun and a blue ocean. Hard to believe, just a few months ago, the same spot was being pummeled by snow and wind. You’d never know it Friday.  Cape May is shaking off the crazy weather earlier in the year as though it never happened.  […]

Spring 2014 or Winter: What Season is it Anyway?


Cape May, NJ -  Today we officially mark the first day of Spring 2014.  Everyone is aching for Spring to get here and stay here, after this long, cold winter.  And the weekend ahead certainly sounds like a Spring weekend. But, before we pack up our winter coats for good, lets look back a week. […]

Cape May’s Concrete Ship: A Valentine


Cape May, NJ – Go to the little cove known as Sunset Beach and, in the distance, you can see a bump in the Delaware Bay. It’s the deteriorating hulk of a once massive ship. Her name is Atlantus. The remains of Atlantus have no function and certainly no beauty. There’s no reason for anyone […]

Cold Weather Freezes Pipes in Cape May Homes


Cape May, NJ -  Cape May’s cold weather this month is doing more than freezing portions of the Cape May Canal and the Delaware Bay.  Vacation homeowners along the shore are finding their water pipes are freezing and bursting like never before. It seems everyone knows someone who’s had to deal with a frozen or […]

Cape May Winter Fog


You know what the daylight will bring even before you get out of bed. The pinger on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal jetty tells you that you will be greeted by fog and this morning was no exception. Winter fog is not infrequent in Cape May.  This morning’s fog was particularly thick and much of […]