After the Storm: Beach Erosion


Cape May, NJ – The morning after the latest winter Nor’easter, something definitely was missing on Cove Beach.    The Valentine’s Nor’easter had eroded enough sand to reveal a two-plus foot drop off  on Cove Beach and cause more subtle changes elsewhere on  Cape May’s beachfront. The Nor’easter, which dumped freezing rain and snow inland and [...]

September in Cape May


Cape May, NJ -  Every year, right around Labor Day, you can feel the change in the air and the town. Summer’s intensity gives way to autumn’s sigh of relief. Vacationers with school aged children vanish from the beaches almost overnight. Time to get back to the classrooms. In their place are wide open swaths [...]

Summer Rain


Cape May, NJ -  Within just an hour or so last night,  a major storm system, with heavy rain and lightening,  moved ashore from the Delaware Bay.   Ann Delaney, from Stone Harbor, stopped to capture the menacing storm clouds  hovering over Beach Ave in Cape May and posted it on her Twitter page.  It’s just [...]

Return of Cape May’s Weakfish


Cape May, NJ – There’s been a local fishing mystery this year that no one has solved.  Andrew Ewing isn’t the only Cape May angler surprised by this year’s abundance of weakfish. After almost disappearing from our waters in the last few years,  a decent run of good sized weakies have surprised and delighted  anglers [...]

Nor’Easter Slides by Cape May


Cape May, NJ – For the second time in a week,  Cape May dodged a bullet and was spared the wrath of a powerful storm. Just as our anxiety about  Hurricane Sandy was subsiding, the National Weather Service reported  a new, powerful nor’easter heading our way.  Thankfully, the new storm, named Athena by The Weather Channel,  did not deliver [...]

Waiting for Sandy


Cape May, NJ – Living in Cape May in the fall is a lesson in watchful waiting. We don’t get hurricanes here every year, although they often give us pause for thought as they storm out of the Gulf or move up the Atlantic Coast, before moving offshore or making landfall farther north. Passing hundreds [...]

Life in Cape May: Back Bay in October


October turns the marsh grasses to gold in the back bay. The back bay is that slice of water wedged between the mainland and the barrier islands. An unpretentious place with no zip codes. A workaday kind of place. In the summer, good luck navigating the channel with its surge of pleasure boats and tour [...]

Life in Cape May: Spring Fog


Cape May Point, NJ – You stand on the dune path in Cape May Point State Park and look out to where the ocean is supposed to be. You take it on faith that, somewhere in that massive mist, huge waves are crashing onshore. You just can’t see them. Spring brings many things to Cape [...]

Life in Cape May: Signs of an Early Spring


Cape May, NJ – When the chilly west winds stopped blowing this week and Delaware Bay settled into a  placid, deep blue, you just knew spring was on the way. It might seem early to start looking for signs of spring, but then we’ve had an exceptionally warm winter. Record smashing temperatures in some cases. [...]

Polar Plunge


Wildwood, NJ – Hundreds of people wearing only bathing suits stood on a chilly Wildwood beach Saturday, waiting for the signal. And they were off.  Running across the beach in 37 degree weather, plunging into a 44 degree winter ocean. Man that was cold. Bystanders were bundled up in parkas, hats and gloves.  Some of [...]