Waiting for Sandy


Cape May, NJ - Living in Cape May in the fall is a lesson in watchful waiting. We don’t get hurricanes here every … [Read more...]

Life in Cape May: Back Bay in October


October turns the marsh grasses to gold in the back bay. The back bay is that slice of water wedged between … [Read more...]

Life in Cape May: Spring Fog


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Life in Cape May: Signs of an Early Spring


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Polar Plunge


Wildwood, NJ - Hundreds of people wearing only bathing suits stood on a chilly Wildwood beach Saturday, waiting … [Read more...]

Cape May’s Warm New Year


Cape May, NJ - Many times, people hope their New Year's Eve is hot. This year, it definitely was warm.  Before … [Read more...]

Dolphin Rescue Attempt


Del Haven, NJ - A  Pennsylvania family spent Christmas Day trying to rescue a dolphin just north of Cape May  in … [Read more...]

Cape May Times Pictures of the Year


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Striped Bass and a Warmer Ocean 2011


Cape May, NJ - The smiles on anglers' faces this month may not look like a sign of climate change, but the fish … [Read more...]

Frost Free Zone


Cape May, NJ -  You can still see some annual flowers blooming along the beachfront.  It's November 21 and we … [Read more...]