August Record Heat Wave at the Beach 2016


Cape May, NJ - On Sunday, the hottest day of the year - a record setting 99 degrees according to National Weather … [Read more...]

Fall in Cape May: Sunny and Dry, Very Dry 2013


Cape May, NJ -  Ask for the weather forecast these days in Cape May and the answer is almost always the … [Read more...]

Summer Rain 2013


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Return of Cape May’s Weakfish 2013


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Cape May’s Record Warm March 2012


Cape May, NJ - It’s history!   The month of  March was the the warmest ever in Cape May.   Temperatures were an … [Read more...]

Cape May Spring Record Temperature March 2012

cape may harbor

Cape May, NJ - Forget about spring.  If you think it feels like summer, you're not crazy. Cape May broke yet … [Read more...]

Cape May’s Early Spring Daffodils

cape may daffodils

Cape May, NJ - There's nothing like that first bunch of daffodils in the Spring to stir up spring fever.   I  … [Read more...]

Life in Cape May: Signs of an Early Spring


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One Day of Snow and Winter


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A Year Without Winter?


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