Cape May Summer Garden in Bloom


Cape May, NJ -  Looking at our late July garden, you’d never know that this past June was the driest June in 20 years in Cape May.   The purple phlox are blooming beautifully, the yellow wild senna are threatening to take over their little corner of the world. If June was a hot, dry devil […]

April on the Beach


Cape May, NJ – The oyster catchers were there, eating clams on the half shell.  They didn’t seem to mind that they were sharing the beach with a lot of other early birds Easter Weekend. Like this little first time beach goer, up to his waist in sand. Easter always marks the unofficial start of […]

Spring 2014 or Winter: What Season is it Anyway?


Cape May, NJ -  Today we officially mark the first day of Spring 2014.  Everyone is aching for Spring to get here and stay here, after this long, cold winter.  And the weekend ahead certainly sounds like a Spring weekend. But, before we pack up our winter coats for good, lets look back a week. […]

Cape May’s Record Breaking March Snow 2014


Cape May, NJ – March 2014 is now the undisputed champion, holding title to the snowiest March on record in Cape May. After yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day snowfall, Cape May has a total of 12 and a half inches of snow for the month, more than any other March on record. Yesterday’s  snowfall also set […]

Cool Cape May Turns Cold in January 2014


Cape May, NJ – If you thought it was colder than usual in January, you were right. The final temperatures for the month are in. Cape May’s average temperature in January was a measly 30.5 degrees, a whopping five degrees lower than usual. If you want to feel even chillier, consider this: according to the […]

Woodcock Surviving the Deep Freeze in Cape May


Cape May, NJ – For American Woodcock who winter over in Cape May, food is always the issue. They get their food by probing the soil with their long, flexible bills for earthworms and insects. For the hundreds of seemingly hardy woodcock that remain here rather than migrating farther south, starvation and death are a […]

Cold Weather Freezes Pipes in Cape May Homes


Cape May, NJ -  Cape May’s cold weather this month is doing more than freezing portions of the Cape May Canal and the Delaware Bay.  Vacation homeowners along the shore are finding their water pipes are freezing and bursting like never before. It seems everyone knows someone who’s had to deal with a frozen or […]

Frozen Delaware Bay 2014


North Cape May, NJ – How cold is it? For the second time in a month, it’s cold enough to partially freeze the Delaware Bay. No, this is not Antarctica. This is what the Delaware Bay looked like this morning near North Cape May, after several days of bitter cold temperatures. It was just two […]

Cape May Snowed Out 2014


Cape May, NJ -  Cape May’s Painted Ladies waited patiently all day Tuesday, as the much anticipated coastal snowstorm dropped up to 13 inches of snow inland and further north.  For much of the day, the serious snowfall was just an hour’s drive away. By this morning, after the vicious storm swirled just beyond and […]

Cape May Winter Fog


You know what the daylight will bring even before you get out of bed. The pinger on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal jetty tells you that you will be greeted by fog and this morning was no exception. Winter fog is not infrequent in Cape May.  This morning’s fog was particularly thick and much of […]