Cape May December 2013 Holiday Snow


Cape May , NJ - A very light dusting of early morning snow added the perfect touch to Cape May's always pretty … [Read more...]

Cape May’s Record Warm March 2012


Cape May, NJ - It’s history!   The month of  March was the the warmest ever in Cape May.   Temperatures were an … [Read more...]

Cape May’s Early Spring Daffodils

cape may daffodils

Cape May, NJ - There's nothing like that first bunch of daffodils in the Spring to stir up spring fever.   I  … [Read more...]

Life in Cape May: Signs of an Early Spring


Cape May, NJ - When the chilly west winds stopped blowing this week and Delaware Bay settled into a  placid, deep … [Read more...]

A Year Without Winter?


Cape May, NJ - When you see a Coastie running on the beach in his shorts on an early February afternoon, … [Read more...]

Polar Plunge


Wildwood, NJ - Hundreds of people wearing only bathing suits stood on a chilly Wildwood beach Saturday, waiting … [Read more...]

First Snow of 2012


Cape May, NJ - Cape May's first snowfall of the year was little more than a light dusting.  Local residents woke … [Read more...]

Cape May’s Warm New Year


Cape May, NJ - Many times, people hope their New Year's Eve is hot. This year, it definitely was warm.  Before … [Read more...]

Winter’s Coming


Cape May, NJ -  You get a glimpse of it on the newly empty streets on a Monday afternoon. There's a whiff of it … [Read more...]

Frost Free Zone


Cape May, NJ -  You can still see some annual flowers blooming along the beachfront.  It's November 21 and we … [Read more...]