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Beach Wedding Theme

by Rose Smith

(If you can't make it to the ocean for your wedding, this consultant suggest ways to have a beach wedding even if you're far away. Some of the ideas could be adapted for a real beach wedding.)

Brides's Attire

Something simple, light and airy. If you're not too worried about being conventional, go with a long flowing white sun dress and wide brimmed sun hat or large tropical flower in your hair.

Groom and His Attendant's Attire

Again, casual is probably better. A nice white sports jacket and white or beige pants. Add some fun to it by donning a colorful beach type tie.


Either long or mid-calf sun dresses with chiffon scarves to tie back long hair or wide brimmed sun hats. The dresses could be in a colorful pattern or in colors to match your color scheme.


Use the beach wedding motif.. a nice picture of a tropical beach, for instance. (Create your own with a good scanner and printer.)


Buy plenty of beach balls in a variety of colors and hang them from the ceiling. Rent fake palm trees. Cover wedding guests' tables with a deep blue table cloth, sprinkled with a little sand in the center and sea shells.


Nice large sea shells, with holes drilled in the top of each, and ribbons looped through the hole for hanging. Or cardboard treat boxes filled with with chocolate pieces in the shape of beach stuff like sea shells and wrapped in a beach wrapping paper.


Large, pillar candles with sea shells embedded in the wax and set in a low, flat dish fileld with sand. Or miniature lighthouses. (Both are easy to find in hobby and gift stores in beach towns like Cape May.)


Use small lei's as pew markers, for a tropical beach feel.

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Copyright Rose Smith. Rose is the author of "How To Create a Beautiful Medieval Wedding". For great wedding theme ideas, free articles, decorating tips, gifts

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