West Cape May Lima Bean Queen and King 2005

Posted 10/16/05
CAPE MAY, NJ - Longtime West Cape May Lima bean farmer Les Ray finally got a reward for all those years of hard work - a paper crown honoring him as this year's Lima Bean King.

He and the new Lima Bean Queen, Sophie Crossley, will make an official appearance together in the West Cape May Christmas Parade.

The crowning of the new King and Queen marked the highpoint of the annual Lima Bean Festival at Wilbraham Park.

Lima lovers gather every year to celebrate the proud tradition of lima bean farming in West Cape May.

This year there was homemade lima bean soup and baked limas, made by members of the Allen AME Church. Also, lima bean salad, baskets of fresh limas - for those who love to shuck, and lots of other vendors, for those who like to shop.

Lima Bean Festival Tee shirts and hats took an even more creative turn this year, with slogans like Dalai Lima and Sublima.

This year's event was coordinated by West Cape May resident Annie Mullock.

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