West Cape May Christmas Parade 2006

Posted 12/03/06
Cape May, NJ - An amazing string of floats, fire trucks, dancers and marching bands rolled down Broadway Saturday night in the annual West Cape May Christmas Parade.

Mummers and marching bands joined local banks, churches, schools, civic groups and fire companies in what seemed like one of the longest parades in recent memory.

The Lima Bean King and Queen were there. So was the Mayor. So was the local motorcycle gang.

But the backbone of this enduring holiday ritual were the dozens of fire trucks - festooned with lights and horns blaring.


The floats this year said a lot about the groups - a little red school house for a Montessori group, a bright boat for Sea Tow, Victoriana for the Cape May Chamber and an exuberant holiday lawn decorating motif for Lower Township.

If you missed it, mark your calendar for next year. The parade's always on the first Saturday of December at 5PM sharp.

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