2007 West Cape May Christmas Parade

Posted 12/02/07
Cape May, NJ - Little angels floated through the air this year as their float made its way along Broadway. The Grace Methodist float was one of the more creative efforts in the always entertaining West Cape May Christmas Parade.

The 42nd annual parade's well oiled machine fired up dozens of floats and marching bands and mummers and stopped traffic on Broadway Saturday evening.

Santa hats were the look of the night, from Mummers playing the sax to dancing girls to local marching bands to people aboard the floats..

Of course there was nautical stuff - this is Cape May after
all. and there were fire trucks gussied up with lights - this is the Christmas Parade after all.


What was unusual was the weather - a cool night, yes, but not nearly so subzero as many a past parade has endured.
The parade will be same time next year - 5PM on the first Saturday of December. Mark your calendars!

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