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Posted 4/10/06
North Wildwood, NJ - You have to hand it to the folks in North Wildwood. Saturday morning was not your typical beach day - a little raw, with overcast skies that looked like they were about to dump a deluge of rain at any moment.

Yet over 300 people turned out and patiently waited their turn as they were led into place on the beach.

First they formed the number one. Then a zero, and finally a second zero.

Cue the helicopter. The Coast Guard chopper showed up right on time and hovered over the crowd on the 14th Avenue beach, ready for the big moment.

Finally, everyone raised colored plates and waved while photographer Gerald Boyle in the chopper got the shot...

...a human "100" to commemorate North Wildwood's 100th anniversary as a municipality this year.

The names of all those who formed the "100" will be added to a time capsule which will be buried in front of North Wildwood's City Hall.

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