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Wildwood International Kite Festival

Posted 5/28/07
Wildwood, NJ - They came from Washington, D.C.and from Washington State, from Carlisle, Pennsylvania and from Japan. All for Wildwood's annual International Kite Festival.

There were entire clubs of kite flyers and there were individual kite flyers. Some were the competitive sort, who came to fly their kites in competitions.

Others came just for the sheer enjoyment of flying their kites with other kite aficionados.

The kites were as different as the people flying them. There were the aerodynamic ones - the kind that had a seriously engineered look about them.

There were the childhood fantasy kites - big ice cream cones, big scuba divers, big octopus - the key word was big.

And there were the streamers - the ones that seem to go on forever and forever, wafting in the stiff sea breezes.

If you looked hard, you could also spot a traditional kite or two. The sky over Wildwood's beach was alive with an ever changing palette of kites all weekend long.

It's an annual event so if you missed it this year, mark your calendar for next Memorial Day weekend.

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