The Wildwood Boardwalk

This is a "must do" if you're traveling with kids!!

This 2 mile long boardwalk has a total of five amusement piers plus a myriad of other carnival games, souvenir shops, food stands, waterparks and world class roller coasters.

The Boardwalk started out as a mere 150 feet. It's actually been moved closer to the ocean twice. Today, the boardwalk stretches from 16th Ave. in North Wildwood to Cresse Ave. in Wildwood Crest.

Rides and more Rides

Believe it or not, the Wildwood Boardwalk has more rides than Disneyland! Kiddy rides include a convoy of airplanes, trucks, dune buggies, boats and trains. Flying elephants, teacups, bouncing giraffes, mini-erris wheels and the traditional carousel round out the mix. Children line up for their chance to sit in the driver's seat of the ever-popular bumper cars, squealing with delight as they navigate the perilous trip around the rink.

Names like Tornado, Inverter and Spin Out give a hint of the ride experiences to choose from if thrill seeking is on the agenda. Options for roller coaster fans include the Sea Serpent, the Nor'Easter - an inverted looping coaster - and the Great White, the tallest and fastest wooden coaster on the East Coast.

Water Parks

Water parks are a hot way to cool off on the Boardwalk. Waterfalls, spas, hydrochutes, raft rides, tube floats, lazy rivers, waterslides, rope swings, water guns for soaking, even a 1000 gallon dumping bucket that periodically douses those below are just some of the Boardwalk's wet attractions.

Environments specifically designed for the younger set include a ship-themed area with kiddy slides off the deck of the ship and a fort complete with cannons to blast water at those who cross the path.

Those looking for a more tranquil experience can rise above the Boardwalk.

The 140-foot high Ferris wheel, Flying Kites, Sky Ship and Cycle Monorail leisurely transport riders over the Boardwalk and offer a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Boardwalk is traditionally open from Palm Sunday weekend through Columbus Day, with a weekends-only schedule before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.


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